How To Write 1500+ Words Content for Your Website & Rank #1

For maximum blogger Its a headache to write content for the website on a regular basis. Do you know why???

Because they do not maintain either rules or the proper environment while writing an article, we usually see that every professional blogger saying, ” Content is king To rank number 1“, “you should write lengthy content”, etc., etc. But for bloggers like us, writing 1000 words content is like winning a war. But it is not only content, but you also have to focus on Some SEO factors to rank no 1.

Anyways what can we do to increase article length and write content for website more than 1500 words? For a better solution, I asked so many bloggers about the strategy which they follow to write content for website lengthy and better in quality.  I am going to share those pro hacks, and also I will share my hacks, which I follow to write 1500+ words article.

write content for website
write content for website

Ensure there is no distraction

Gururaja Murthy Devarangadi (Founder of  Learnsmm) says that always ensure that there is no distraction from a smartphone or from the PC. This is the very first thing to do when you sit for writing blog posts.

Next comes the mindset.  write blog posts only if you have peace of mind & free from other thoughts or important tasks.  This will helps you to produce quality content in a very short time.

 You Must Prepare An Outline Before Writing An Article

Mishal Soni (Founder of Bloggingexcel) says that By doing so you can write your long blog post very quickly.

Why is it essential to create an outline?

  • Analyze almost all the articles appearing on the first page of SERP related to your topic, whenever you are preparing to write an article.
  • You must observe how their articles are structured.
  • You must observe what is missing in those articles.

Now this outline will help you to create the same structure for your post, and through this outline, you will decide which headline to write and where to add new things that are not in other articles. The second best thing about creating an overview is that it also helps in the on-page SEO of your blog. And it also gives an overview of the complete article in a glance.

Divide  the topic into many  parts

Dividing the topic will help you to write more. Remember in the examination, how we write 500 words paragraphs?

Introduction part, Specification part/Description part, Conclusion part. And it helps us to write more. Depending on the points, we can add more information.

Do not research while writing

Online research can be very dangerous for your writing because you can get so many distractions from social sites.

It’s all too easy to move from a quick search to check social media or checking your email at the same time as your article is unfinished.

So to avoid this kind of distraction research before writing. and use apps that block websites like Facebook at the same time as you are writing your article can also be very helpful.

Create a Conversation

Have you observed from the beginning I am writing like I am talking to someone who is in front of me or beside me?

Do you know why?

Because it creates virtual interaction. And it makes the writing procedure easy for the bloggers. Because we all can speak easily with our friends. It also, help the user to clearly understand the topic. So always try to create a conversation while writing.

Don’t Edit When You are Writing

This is something that can spell catastrophe for maximum writers.

Throwing out every sentence you write my buddies isn’t writing. This is extra like rewriting and modifying. Rewriting, enhancing and deleting while writing is a recipe for a disaster.

If you’ve got a dependency on doing this, you might discover yourself spending extra time than essential to bring your thoughts and ideas into words on the web page.

I know some days those words waft simpler than different days, but in case you’re struggling that a good deal to write a full sentence without getting everywhere – take a 5-minute break and then come returned.

Do your best to simply take a seat at the keyboard and write all the mind down as they float – don’t worry about looking to have the perfect grammar or spelling. You can usually do this even as you edit your works.

 how to write content

Don’t correct Grammatical error

When you are writing fully concentrate on writing. Don’t change your focus. While writing if you start to correct the grammatical errors, it will consume more time. There can be a high chance of forgetting the important points of your topic. Correct your grammatical once you complete your writing. For time-saving, you can use Grammarly extension, which is a free tool to use.

Blog On Your Passion

Blogging can be a chore until you are obsessed with the topic. So, first and foremost, choose a topic you are obsessed with.

Don’t just pick out a topic which you “suppose” you’re enthusiastic about. Pick one which you absolutely know you’ll love. It has to be a topic which you love so much that you need to constantly research more about it.

Know What You Want To Write About

Before you start writing the first phrase, you need to recognize what the final phrase goes to be. I don’t mean this in a literal feel, but you need to recognize how you’ll start off your blog, the points you will convey, and the way you’re going to wrap the entirety up.

If you are one of those that want to be spontaneous, that’s outstanding. As one of those people,  it doesn’t work properly with blogging. It will most effectively cause you to spend extra time writing than you need to.

Leave it for the next day

While writing if you feel bored or not getting any points, take a break for a few minutes or a while. Free your mind then get back to the work again. If you are not getting interested in writing leave it and try it on the next day. Start with your comfort zone.

Use LSI keyword related to your Primary keyword

Which are LSI Keywords right?

Suppose you search for “how to rank 1 your website

At the bottom of your search result, you will get so many suggestions. Those are LSI keywords. For better understanding check the image.

write content for website

Inject those keywords into your content. And try to cover those keywords with valuable information. It will not only increase your content size also it will help your audience to better understand the topic in deep.

Take Help From Youtube Video

It is not possible for anyone to understand and know everything. You can watch youtube videos related to your topic which you are going to cover next. Note down the important topic which the YouTuber mentioning and also check the comment section for better user feedback. From the comment section, you can also get to know those data which people want to know bt the YouTuber left out. Cover those in your topic.

Take help from  quora

Quora is a platform where people share all kinds of information from their high knowledge and experiences. Search for your topic on the quora. Check the questions which arise in the people mind. Check the points which the people using while answering. And then note those points which can be added in your content.

My Strategy To write 1500+ content

If you check my other article you will find that I wrote more than 1500+ on my maximum content. So what strategy I usually follow??

as I mentioned all the necessary and helping condition which are required. The other way you can do is reach to other bloggers on your topic. Usually, whenever I plan to write about new content I ask my blogger brothers about their opinion on that topic. In the above section, you can check that I took an opinion from Mishal Soni and Gururaja Murthy Devarangadi.

It does not only help me to understand better, Including their opinion increases my content size and also gave this content a better value. So try to reach other bloggers.

Write A Conclusion

Have you observed that I even have a conclusion at the bottom of each of my blog posts? I do that for one specific cause: in case you don’t have the time to read my whole blog, you could scroll all the way down to the realization and get a brief synopsis of it.

What I found out from the scroll test is that by means of adding an end and truly labeling it, you may teach your readers to scroll further down the web page because that one segment will provide an explanation for what your blog post is all about.

As I mentioned all the tips and tricks which will help you to write content for website 1500+ word. But make sure you are not just increasing the word count. Always give value to your visitor’s effort and time. So try to provide better and valuable content. Any further query feels free to ask me in the comment section.

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