How to start a blog in 30 Seconds with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard

GreenGeeks is a very popular hosting service provider. This company was first established in 2008 and since then it is providing top-class services to its customers. If you are planning to start a blogging website of your own, then you should definitely read this article till the end. Because in this article we are going to discuss only GreenGeeksGreen hosting and the GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard tool that will help you create your own website in just under 30 seconds. This tool will make your life a whole lot easier.  So without any more further delay let’s dive into our topic and let’s get started with how you can start a blog with GreenGeeks Hosting.

 How to start a Blog using GreenGeeks?

Create a Blog Under 30 Seconds with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard

In this section, I am going to discuss 3 things that will help you to make your blogging website a complete success. These three things are passion, a stable foundation, and you need to have access to knowledgeable people. Below I am going to discuss how you can start blogging with just three simple steps using GreenGeeks.

1. Select a Domain for Your Blog –

A domain is a name or identifier that identifies your website uniquely. It basically tells the browser exactly where your website is located and where to connect. It is just like a phone number that is connected to a specific individual., all are domain names that connect each and every single one of these domains to individual websites. When selecting a domain name you must consider the two things that are mentioned below.

relevant to your topic –  you need to consider the fact that your domain name must be similar to the content of your topic. For example, you are starting a blog about technical things, then you should name your website or something like this which represents the fact that your domain name is related to the connection for your blog.

This will give a rough idea to your visitors that what your blog is all about. Keep in mind that the domain name is alphanumeric that means you can have a number in your domain name, for example, You can also add this special character (-) to your domain name and be as creative as you can.

Short and memorable –  You need to make your domain name easy to remember.  You need to keep your domain name short and simple so that people can easily remember it. I would suggest you keep your domain name within three syllables max. 

An extra tip for you:- if you are planning to start a personal blog, then I would recommend you to name the domain as your full name… for example You can change your domain name in the future if you want to so yeah this option is also available.

2. Get a Web Hosting Package with GreenGeeks

After selecting a domain name you should get a hosting package from GreenGeeks because GreenGeeks has been providing its services since 2008 and it is also an A+ rated hosting service that is recognized globally. GreenGeeks has also become the greenest hosting provider in the world in 2020. 

GreenGeeks provides hosting at just $2.95/month and you will also get a free domain name registration or domain transfer with this hosting service. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee with their services.

If you purchase GreenGeeks hosting, you will get a domain name for completely free. So utilize this offer and save your extra bucks.

3. Install WordPress to Power Your Blog –  Now that you have successfully acquired your hosting account, you can start working on setting up your new blog.

For ease of use, you need to install a CMS on your website. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world right now. You can use this tool to make your blogging site from scratch. 

Over 60 million people are using WordPress as we are talking. This CMS is absolutely free to install and use. Now you have successfully created your very own blogging website and this journey of yours GreenGeeks is always with you and you can dial them up anytime you are facing an issue.

Create a Blog in just a few clicks with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard –

  • GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard tool is a very helpful tool that helps you create a website in under 30 seconds. This tool is going to help you a lot in your day-to-day lives. To use this GreenGreeks tool you need to go to their official website. On their home page, there will be an option called “Get Started Now”. 
  • You need to click on the login button, and then you will see an option called “Hosting” and select your required hosting plan.
  • Now on the next window, you have to select a domain name on which you want the hosting. If you want a new domain, then go for Create a new domain. If you already purchased your domain then go for Use a domain you already own. Provide the complete domain name and then click on Next.
Select your domain name

Now on the next window, provide your contact information as shown below.

provide your contact information
  • Once you are done, click on the Greengeeks quick launch wizard option and you will be redirected to the quick launch wizard tool. To launch the wizard you need to click on the start wizard option. 
GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
  • There you will be greeted with three options which are to create a new website or you can migrate an old website or where you can choose the option starter site. From there you need to select the right option that will be suitable for you. 
GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
  • Then, you need to select WordPress from the “Select Your App” section. You can also select a bunch of plugins from the option below if you have use of them. There is also a website acceleration plugin that is enabled by default.
Start a new website with Greengeeks
  • After selecting the right option when you will hit the “Continue” button then it will ask you to choose an appropriate theme. There are seven to eight themes and you can choose any one of them.
Choose your theme
  • Then you can click on the “Create My Website” button and you need to check the terms and conditions checkbox and your website will be ready in a few minutes. Don’t forget to copy the password and keep it somewhere safe. Then you can click on the button “Go To My dashboard” and start working on your website right away. 
Complete setup using GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard
  • You can visit your website by clicking on the top WordPress menu and selecting the option that says “Visit Site”  and by clicking on this option you can visit your website.

Conclusion –

GreenGeeks Quick Launch Wizard Tool is a very useful feature that lets you create a website of your own with just a few clicks and you can have your own blogging website. This is really useful for those who lack the technical knowledge that is required to make a website and they can make a website using this tool very easily. So you can easily opt for this tool and make your own website within minutes. 

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