Hosting Monks Review

HostingMonks Review: Why You Should Buy Hosting from HostingMonks?

In recent days many people especially teenagers are trying to open their own businesses or websites because today everything whether it is selling some product or selling some service it is always done by online media. If you are one of them and trying to open your own business, then this article will help you.

Many people get confused about which hosting plan will be great for them when they are starting a website. In this article, we will discuss the main factors to keep in mind when choosing the right hosting service for you.

Criteria’s to be considered before choosing a hosting service provider –

 find out the best hosting

1. Pricing of the Hosting Plans –

Pricing is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right hosting service for yourself. The first step is to make sure that how much money you are willing to spend on a hosting service yearly or monthly. Make a list of service providers that are providing services within your range.

Now from that list find out the most popular and trustable service provider. I will personally recommend you if you are starting a blog website or planning to open your own online store, then you should probably go for a hosting service that is not very cheap at the same time not very expensive. You will just have to find the sweet spot which serves your purpose the best.

2. Customer Support –

If you are buying your first hosting, then I am pretty sure that you will need the help of customer support pretty often. I want to make sure that you are choosing a hosting service that provides customer support 24/7 via Emails, phone calls, and live chat. Customer support is a very important feature for any hosting service especially if you are a beginner and just started your own website.

3. Customer Reviews –

If you want a genuine opinion about a product or service, then the best that you can do is read the customer reviews. Their customer reviews will truly help you understand what kind of hosting service will be the best option for you.

Here people who have already used the service gave their reviews like their experience and the most liked and disliked features about this hosting service. So yeah, reviews can really help a lot when looking for a good hosting service provider.

How to find out the best and suitable hosting for your business?

Hosting Monks Review

At the beginning of this article, I discussed how to find out the best hosting for your business. But if you go to find it by yourself it will be so much time-consuming as well as confusing. So to reduce your headache, we will talk about a website called “Hosting Monks” that will give you in-depth knowledge about many hosting services and the features each hosting service provider is providing. You can also get various kinds of discounts and promo codes if you sign up for the service using the link provided on this website.

Why HostingMonks?

HostingMonks is run by Mr. Anil Agarwal who is a full-time blogger. Mr. Agarwal has been blogging since 2005 and is known to be one of the most successful bloggers in India. He earns nearly around $120,000-$150,000 a year. He is mainly known for BloggersPassion and this made him a millionaire. 

Before starting his first blog, he had many years of experience as a search engine optimization expert. His blogs have been featured by many popular publications like Forbes, ProBlogger, and Lifehack. All the hosting services that you are gonna read about on his website are already used by him for the past many years. 

He gives a totally non-biased review of any hosting service. There is also an India-only section on his website where he discusses the best hosting solutions in India.

What HostingMonks mean and what does it provide?

Hostingmonks website

Basically, HostingMonks is the domain name and it helps people understand what it is all about. And the word monk means someone who devotes his life to serve others. So the purpose of HostingMonks is to serve the people by providing the best hosting deals and reviews.

HostingMonks provides a wide variety of things like web hosting reviews, web hosting comparisons, deals on web hosting services, promo codes, and discounts. 

At HostingMonks you will get reviews of Best web hosting companies like —-

  • Bluehost Hosting
  • Kinsta Hosting
  • WPX Hosting
  • A2 Hosting
  • SiteGround Hosting
  • Hostgator Hosting
  • WP Engine Hosting

They also provide –

  • Deals on hosting services.
  • Promo codes.
  • Discounts using their links.

Why Should You Buy from HostingMonks?

  • The founder of HostingMonks is an SEO and Blogging professional with more than 15 years of experience. Mr. Anil Agarwal has links to many affiliate managers from different companies. This is why on his website you will get various discounts and promo codes if you sign up for any of the services using his affiliate link.
  • Best and unbiased web hosting comparison.
  • In-depth web hosting reviews and Mr. Agarwal talks about every important feature of every popular website.
  • You will get a great discount on hostings for example:- say Kinsta is charging $25 a month if you use the affiliate link of Mr. Anil you will get it for like $21 for a month.

India Only –

They have a specific section on their webpage where they discuss the top hosting services in India, and that is a great addition cause there an only a few handful of websites that discuss the dedicated hosting services specifically for India. If you are from India, you will get extra discounts if you use their promo codes like Hostgator India Promo Code

Conclusion –

In this article, I have discussed the website called HostingMonks and you definitely should check it out. There are detailed articles and comparisons for you if you are confused about which hosting will be the best for you. Hope this article gives you the exposure that you needed and don’t forget to check their website “”.

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