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7 Reasons Why you should buy an Expired Domain In 2021?

Before talking about why you should buy the expired domain first know “How the expired domain can help you!”

Suppose You have a crush on someone. You must find a way in which you can communicate with the crush. Suddenly you observed that you got a common friend with your crush who can help you to get your crush as your life partner. Will it work for you or not??

Now come to the point, Google is like your crush. And you are trying to impress the google so that your page can rank higher. An expired domain is a common friend. Ranking number 1 with a new domain?? The day is over now. Because there are lots of authority websites in all niche that are already ranking so its a great motive to choose the proper expired domain. Do you know How To Make A Website? No Coding Skills Need

buy an expired domain
buy an expired domain

What is an Expired Domain??

Expired Domains are the domains that bought buy someone but mistakenly or somehow they failed to renew the domain name. Suppose you have bought a domain and you registered the domain names for 2years. After completion of 2 years, you have to renew the domain name. It is too much hard to keep in mind the date for the renew. If You forget to renew the domain name it will belong to the Expired domain list. And then anyone can re-register the domain name. From then the domain will not yours anymore the domain will handover to the guy who re-registered.

How to find high authority expired domains?

Many domain providers are available to provide you expired domain. There are lots of Websites they will notify you about the latest updates which domain is already expired and also which one will going to expire soon.

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Best place to Buy Expired Domains

  2. Expired
  3. Namecheap
  5. Snapnames
  6. Flippa
  7. FreshDrop
  8. Godaddy auction

From the above all I especially recommend you to use

Because you can use   so many filters like :

No of backlinks, No of word count, Dictionary Word domains, many more

And all the features you are getting for free. You don’t have to pay any single money to use features. You can filter domain names depending upon your requirements.

Why You Should Buy An Expired Domain Instead Of  New Domain?

The price of both, An Expired Domain and New Domain are the same. Depending upon the extension it may vary in the different market place.

In the brand new domain name, you are getting just only a brand new name nothing else.

But with an expired domain, you are getting a brand name along with the value of that brand. Did not get my point right??

Suppose Blogging Joy, which has 32 Domain Authority (DA) and 35 Page Authority (PA) is expired and you bought the domain. Do you know what you had got?

–All the effort of the owner gave to make the brand Hight Authority, Along with the-

  • High-Quality Backlinks 
  • The traffic the domain is generating.
  • Trust  from the audience
  • Ranked Keywords
  • And  Off-Page SEO is already done.
  • Established PageRank

And all these things you are getting at the same price as a brand new domain name.

So why should you put extra time and effort when you can get it for free??

Things you should keep in mind before buying an Expired Domain

All the domains available in the expired list are not good .Buying some of them can be harmful to your business. So be careful before buying an expired domain and check the required mentioned below–

Always check the DA PA before Buying

DA & PA is the most important part of SEO. Da indicates domain authority that predicts how well a website will rank in the search engine result pages(SERP) and pa indicated the page authority that predicts how well a specific page will rank in the search engine result pages(SERP). If the website has high DA PA then it will be easy for you to rank in Google SERP with that website. Buying an expired domain with low DA PA makes no sense. So always check the DA PA before buying an expired domain.

Check Quality of the Backlinks

Related image

How to understand the quality of backlinks is good or not right??

  • if the backlinks are from Chinese language or Russian language website
  • Backlinks are from 0 or low authority Sites
  • Completely irrelevant backlinks
  • Websites which are linked has high spam score
If you found anyone of the above mentioned, I highly recommend you don’t buy that domain.

Check the number of Domain Pop

Domain pop means the number of backlinks the domain is getting from the different domains. So don’t get in a hurry to buy when you saw a domain having too many backlinks. It can be possible that the domain is getting backlinks from the same domain so many times. This will not profitable for you. So always check the domain pop. If a domain has So many domain pops that means the domain is getting backlinks from different domains.

Check the Adsense ban

Sometimes people intentionally discontinue their domain if they got banned from the AdSense. If you plan to buy an expired domain and you want to monetize your website with Adsense this will be difficult for you to monetize a banned domain. So always check the Adsense ban before buying an expired domain.

Check Google Ban

Google also banned some websites from indexing. If the website is responsible for spammy content, duplicate content, keyword spamming. So before buying an expired domain make sure that the domain is not banned from Google.

Check Facebook Ban

Facebook generally ban the URL if it found the URL malicious or the content shared through the URL is inappropriate the Facebook team will ban the Url permanently. And you know how much a social media support is necessary for a website owner. It will be a huge loss if the website URL is ban from facebook. So check facebook ban before buying the domain.

Anyways I made a post on how to make money using Facebook. You can check it if you want to Make Money On Facebook Make $100 Per Day {Step-By- Step} User Guide

Check Moz Ranking

Now the question arises, why you should check the Moz ranking right???

Mozrank represents a web link popularity score(Between 0 -10). That means how important your website is on the internet. It updates on a regular basis. The average Moz rank is 3. If the website has Moz rank 3 or more than 3  that means the website has highly valued backlinks. So you can go for it. Similarly If it below 3 then you should ignore it.

***But keep in mind that the domain should be your niche in which you are going to explore on the internet. If the domain is not relevant to your niche then you will get a high bounce rate. That will affect your business.****

I hope above all fulfills your all queries regarding the Expired domain. If you have any queries or want to know anything else you can ask me in the comment section.

And feel free to share it with your friends on social media. Because you know sharing is caring.

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