Best Hosting at a cheap price

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How to choose the best Hosting?

Finding Best Hosting at a cheap price is not easy. Because there are so many hosting providers who use industry-standard pricing strategies to attract new customers for their low price segment. But when you are going to renewal the cost will be  2x or 3x  higher. So whenever you are going to purchase any web hosting it is mandatory to check their renewal price also.

What people want in Best Hosting at a cheap price??

  • Unmetered traffic
  • Superfast speed
  • Free WordPress installations
  • Auto-updates of WordPress
  • Free SSL certificates for higher security
  • Daily Backup
  • Unlimited Database

Free Hosting

when we are not aware so much about hosting we usually try to manage it for free. We want money without any investment. But the fact is hosting has a big role in case of earning money from a website. If you are using great hosting then you will be benefited more.

People generally choose free hosting to save their money. But after a few days, they lost all the effort with their time. The site will go down when the website starts to generate some traffic. Because there is nothing called “free”. If you really want to start blogging but do not have enough money then start with is good and most trusted.

Best Hosting at a cheap price

If you are a blogger or doing blogging for a long time I hope you heard about “Siteground” at least once in your blogging journey. If not then let me introduce with Siteground. Siteground is a hosting provider company launched in 2004. From then to now they achieve huge respect and reputations for their best budget and top-notch hosting service.

Best Hosting at cheap price
Best Hosting at a cheap price

Why Siteground is Best Budget Hosting?

Superfast Service

All the servers of Siteground are totally optimized for speed. And the hardware ( SSD Driver ) they use and the software provide super speed & 99.9% uptime with a guarantee.

Best Support

They are known for their 24/7  customer support. And Siteground is the best hosting provider officially recommended by WordPress.

Multiple Server Location

With Siteground you can choose your Datacenter as you preferred. Because they have data centers in  Asia, Europe, America so you can easily choose between them while signup.

Unique and advance features

Siteground provides some more extra features which other hosting providers can not. For example Staging,

Siteground Hosting

Siteground categories their hosting services in Four main categories like

Web Hosting: Get fast and secure hosting for small and medium sites.

WordPress Hosting: Manage your WordPress Hosting Easily with more freedom.

High-Performance Woo Commerce Hosting: Boost Your Business with high-performance woo-commerce hosting.

Cloud Hosting: IF your website is a beast, you are generating huge traffic then manage your website with cloud hosting for high performance.

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Siteground WordPress installation

  • Log in with your Siteground Account and go to your Control Panel (C panel)
  • Click on WordPress Installer Icon
  • Click on Install
  • Setup the recommended settings

choose protocol

Choose domain name

install in directory

Enter Admin Username, Password, Email address for the WordPress

wordpress installation

Installing an SSL Certificate

The security certificates are already given to your hosting account.

To deploy, simply click on “Go to cPanel” and then “Proceed.”

Then scroll right down to where it says “Let’s Encrypt.” Click on that.

Then click on the setup button. And you’re all finished with your security certificate.

Install a WordPress Theme

The next step is the WordPress Theme installation. Let’s visit Appearance then click on Themes.

Make A Website In 10 Minutes

Click “Add New.”

 choose any theme as you want.

Select the theme

then click install now.

Make sure that you are choosing a Seo friendly theme. Don’t know how ?? check this  guide  “Seo Website Design: 10 Killer SEO Tips To Improve Your Traffic

Siteground Reviews

Best Hosting at cheap price

Best Hosting at cheap price

Siteground Support

As I said before they have a good reputation for their 24/7   customer support.

You can simply contact over the phone.

Also, you can have their super fast and excellent live chat support.

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